Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Home Sweet Home

 Spring is on the way in and I have been crossing some projects off of my list!  I've been getting the kid more involved in helping out too.   The above is a garden bench that I bought for the wife about 15 yrs ago, for our anniversary.  The kid and I rebuilt it and re-gave it to her for mother's day. 
 A couple of weeks ago, we also built some long promised raised beds,  these were supposed to be the wife's birthday present, but I promised they would be ready in time for outdoor plants, which is mother's day, so they got done.

Last Sunday, I spent 13 hrs painting our house.  Since adding on and the remodel project, the entire house has never been the same shade of green and there was some bare siding that had not yet been painted. 
 I spend my spare time over the last couple of weeks treating the wood trim,  most tedious job ever, and then finally started the light green paint on Sunday.  I was going to to it in sections, but I can paint like a mad man, and decided to push on through and get 'er done.  I missed hanging out with the wife and kid, but now I have more time to hang out with them.

 Next on the list after we save up a little more dough, is new front gate and replace the old falling apart privacy fencing.  
 Oh yeah,  below it a swing that I built and hung in the maple tree in our back yard.  The wife loves it!  I love it when she love it!

On top of all that, I still sometimes get out for a ride, and for that I am so thankful!

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