Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Long Walk Home

 I dropped the mini van, nicknamed "Deathstart" off at our awesome mechanic and walked home.   The walk took about 2 hrs.   I had planned a bike ride for the morning workout, but this is such a pleasant walk mostly in the woods.  And I have made it somewhat of a tradition. 
 The MST meanders through the Swannanoa river valley and parallels my neighborhood, which makes it easy to get home without crossing any major roads. 
 I can only imagine how fun it will be once the greenway network is rolling!
 The mini van, which we have had for a looong time,  is a 2003 For Windstar with 122K miles on it.   It has been very reliable and for that we are grateful.  But,  over the winter, the transmission started shuddering when shifting.  On our trip to ATL, it got so bad that it seemed like the engine was trying to jump out from under the hood. 

I have been fortunate enough that I have never had an automobile loan.  The van was a gift from Rhonda's grandmother, who was losing her eyesight,  and the truck that I currently drive was a good deal from a family member. 

Before that,  the most I had ever paid for a vehicle was $1200 for a VW Vanagon.  (kicking myself for selling it,  they are going for $5000 and up these days).  My first car was a Buick Century mid sized station wagon,  I paid something like $600 for it. 

It seems that the right type of vehicle always comes into my life at the right time, with the right price tag.  We are patiently waiting and praying to see what the next step will be this time around. 

I'm also getting details on an auto loan.  A good mini van, with low miles and in great condition is gonna cost us some change.  We have been saving, but its gonna be a while.  Maybe we'll drive the Deathstar until it implodes.  That will give us more time to save and look around for that right deal. 
Nothing like a long walk home to clear the head and relax the soul!

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