Wednesday, November 23, 2016


When you are praying for a miracle,  you gotta have patience....  I'm not great at that.  I'm pretty good at being patient if I have something else to distract me.  Other than that,  not good. 

I've been truck shopping.  I hate to be picky, but I need to upgrade to a 4x4 with crew cab.  With the kid sprouting long legs, we gotta have the space.  Add to that the need to pull a trailer filled with bikes,  the 4x4's are built tougher and will withstand the wear and tear better than my current truck.  In fact,  the truck is dying for that very reason,  it was not built to haul a trailer as much as I do. 

So,  even though we have been planning and saving for a while,  we are about $5000.  Hence the prayer for a miracle.  Praying that my current truck will last until we save enough, or somehow that $5k comes to us.  And there is nothing else for me to do. 

With that in mind, I'm thankful for distractions.  Like soccer with the kid, windsurfing and bike riding! 

 I got to enjoy a great day at the lake,  warmish sun,  strong winds.  I took my Garmin along and my max speed ended up being 26.4 mph.   With a little more wind and some rigging tweaks, I think I can break 30 mph.....  nothing like the feeling of being pulled along by the wind, skipping across the top of the water.  Makes me want to whoop and holler, which is exactly what I do! 
In the picture above, what appears to be clouds is actually a plume of smoke from one of the wild fires. 

Well,  here's to a prayer and a miracle.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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