Friday, November 04, 2016


 Fall is here and my head is spinning.  Lots of stuff going on.   October was my month of mayhem for the year. 

I accepted the Asst Soccer Coach position for the middle school boys team and that proved to be quite time consuming.   I wouldn't trade it for anything though.  Even though I hardly rode my bike,  I got to spend every afternoon with the kid and 23 other boys.  The Coach: Mike Kerr is an amazing coach and I learned a lot from the guy.  Super kind hearted and uses a positive reinforcement approach that is spot on.

On top of that, I decided to get my CDL so I could drive a school bus.  This turned out to be a time suck;  2. 5 days of class,  4 visits to the DMV, paperwork, on visit to pee in a cup (while talking about hunting with the female tech,  just another day on the job),  2 days of driving with instructor and 1/2 day of driving test..... and $200 later, I have my CDL. 
Over the summer, I decided not to worry about my old 2001 F 150.  It is getting worn and creaky but still seems to run fine.  Instead of upgrading, I decided to do some maintenance.  I took it in for rear shocks.  I got the call telling me that my front shocks were leaking and something else was broken.  They replaced all that.   The next day, the battery light came on signaling alternator failure.  Well,  that $600 better last for a while because I'm tired of spending money on this truck.  It has served me well, but my gut tells me that its almost done. 

I'm now looking around at trucks,  I want to upgrade to a crew cab.  Good grief, seems like everybody has lost their minds.  A 2007 Silverado with 150k miles on it for $12,000?  What the crap?  I'm kinda stuck in the middle and not sure what to do,  I don't have that kind of money and not sure I can afford the monthly payments for that amount right now.  New is out of the question for shizzy. 

What to do?  Keep on keepin' on,  and hoping for a miracle!