Monday, January 09, 2017

Snowstorm 2017

Bacon on the grill in 6 degrees.

If a family is going to play in the snow all day,  they better eat something that sticks to their ribs! The Breakfast of a Lumberviking.
 It snowed,  quite a bit.  It is butt cold though.  The temps have been below freezing since Friday night.  That keeps the snow from melting.  Makes snow play less frantic for sure.  
 Lots of sledding, snow ball fights etc .   The normal.

I just can't make myself ride inside anymore.  Too masochistic or something.   But what to do with snow and ice?  I finally broke down and bought some YakTrax-  chains that wrap around shoes to give traction.  Holy Moly,  that was amazing,  Then I went out and ran 1.5 hrs, getting back after sun set.  

 Another amazing day!

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