Monday, June 02, 2008

Mtn Sports Fest..

This weekend was the Mtn Sports Festival. It was a realizing fun time with the family. Saturday we went to all of the company displays and registered to win free stuff. Sunday was the Diamond Brand Family Kayak race. We paid the $5 registration fee, picked out a boat and went paddling. In the first leg, the course took us upstream, slaloming ( is that a word?) through some buoys. On the other side of the river, we picked up a potato. Then we turn downstream, pass our paddles through a hula hoop that was hanging from a tree. After that we make a bee line down stream, around another buoy, through the spraying water, back to the start/finish, drop the potato in the bucket.

Before the race, we were out "practicing". James the race director gave Jubal a paddle too. While he had some really good paddling coordination, we were a little too close, and Rhonda got the paddle to the head several times!! So, for the race, we asked him to be the navigator. He loved that job and we did not hit any icebergs!!!

Photos courtesy of Asheville Citizen Times

I tried to ride my bike on Saturday and my poor legs not having fully recovered from the Burn 24, combined with the heat ( it was 80 degrees!!), made for a shortened route!! I did get 30 miles in however.

Have a great day.


Jules said...

I see what you're're just splashing the side of the boat so Rhonda does all the work. Look at her digging in. Yeah, I'm savvy to that trick.

jimbo said...

Did you win any major awards??
My boating trip was canned...sorry I missed you guys.