Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There is a Monster in my yard.

It looks like something might actually happen. After waiting around for three hours yesterday morning, the city rep, the surveyor and the construction company had a 10 minute meeting. They agreed that the plans had been drawn up 4 yrs ago, but that nothing had changed. It took 7 guys to agree on this. Then the city guy left, the surveyor left, I told the construction guy that I would like to help move the wood pile but I have to go to work. He said that was no problem and they would take care of it. I went inside to get ready for work, and the construction crew packed up and left. Wow, that was a hard day's work. Later in the day some culverts and a giant monster were delivered.

In racing news:
I placed 12th out of 13 at the Cowbell Challenge. So I did reach one of my goals. I did not place last!! Very cool. After reviewing all of the results, I am pleased with how I did. All of my lap times were consistent. I was able to hold a steady pace. The thing that baffles me is that I didn't really feel all that bad until I stopped and sat down. Thinking back I can remember small warning signs that I ignored, simply because I didn't know any better. I'll remember those next time. It didn't help that I actually enjoyed the course, even after 9 laps.

I have the Hot Doggett 100 in 3 weeks. I went to the web-site yesterday and noticed that they had posted results. Pretty cool since it is not a race. Last year I did the metric century. I felt really good, at the start. We rolled out, I stood up to pass some people, and my crank rotated. What? I limped back to neutral support, got it fixed and started again, alone, about 20 minutes behind. I cranked and cranked, and pushed, and spun my way through the course. Stopping to get water or to greet Rhonda and Jubal, but kept a steady pace. Once on a long flat, I drafted behind some folks, but once the course went up, I dropped them. I finished right at 4 hours, still alone, and felt good about my time.
After looking at the results from almost 1 yr ago, I felt even better. I placed 28th out of 136 riders, and came in only 30 minutes behind 1st!!!!

Have a great day.
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Misty said...

Congrats on the race Stephen!