Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jubal's Race

Jubal raced the 2 lap kid's race Friday night at the Asheville Mellowdrome. The race was part of the Mountain Sports Festival. He lined up with several other kids, only one other without training wheels. It was shaping up to be a tough race.
With the wind in his face on the starting line, Jubal was experiencing the pre-race jitters. The starter sounded the bell and they were off. Each lap is 500 meters. I ran across the infield to cheer Jubal on while Rhonda waited at the start finish. He came by barely in the lead but pushing hard. I wasn't sure if he could hold that pace.
On the second lap he had lost the lead but was only a couple of bike lengths behind. He could still pull it off. I cheered him on and then ran back across the infield to the finish to greet him. His competition rolled in but Jubal was nowhere to be seen.
Then around turn 4 we saw him coming, somewhat slowly...hmmm... he was crying. We feared the worst, we thought he had crashed. I ran down the track to him but could see no blood or scrapes. When I got to him, 75 meters from the finish line, he got off his bike, crying and said that he had wanted to finish first.
All the people were cheering him on.... and then I looked up. Coming around the corner....was a girl....on a pink tricycle. No, Jubal was not going to get chicked!!!
After a long 20 seconds, Jubal, still crying, got back on his bike and finished. He did it on his own, it was his choice.
Second place finish!!!! Good job Jubal!!
Have a great day.


jimbo said...

Congrats Jubal....well done!!

Chris said...

Aw man, tell Jubal that you can't win EVERY race, although you might try! Congrats on a podium finish! (in my first race, I finished 1/2 lap down and halfway back in the field, and now look at me!)