Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swirling Thoughts

Burn 24 is in 4 days. The house has quite a bit of work left to do. I can't rest properly to get ready for the race because I am working on the house after I get home from work. I can't just put it off until next week and rest this week because I want to get it done so that it is not there to be done everyday when I come home from work.

Because if I get it done and out of the way, then I 'll be able to train/ rest properly for the Cowbell Challenge in June. I'm more excited about the Cowbell than I am about Burn. I think I am slowly realising that I am not a 24 hr rider. Long rides...I love. But I also need my sleep. I never pulled an all nighter in college, and can probably count on my hands how many times I have stayed awake all night, maybe even on one hand.

So, what to do, spend the weekend working on the house? or put it off and go race with tired legs, and take a whole lot longer to recover?.....this is my dilemma.
Last night I opened up the closet space in the wall. This is a view of the new room from the old bedroom. Not having enough space to build a closet, we have lived with an open air closet for 5 yrs!!
This is from the new room, looking into our old bedroom/ Jubal's new bedroom. The is the openeing for the closet. Jubal's room will have a smaller closet.

Have a great day!!

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Chris said...

I think the answer is pretty obvious -- just look where you're spending your energy!