Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cleared.... ride!!

I left work yesterday afternoon to go to my follow-up appt. Full of anticipation, I waited for 1 hr in the waiting room. At least it was spacious and not crowded. When I was finally called back, I waited another 15 minutes until the PA came in. She looked at the incisions, said they look good. One has a little lump that might be the suture being rejected by my body. She said that if it start to stick out, that I should just trim it.

I asked about riding and yoga. Her response was that I could begin to resume normal activity, but to take it easy and don't do anything that would strain the abs. She told me no jumping on the bike and no steep hills, for a couple more weeks. As for yoga, I'm not aloud to do any of the "crazy" poses.

Yeah, it's on!!!

Have a great day!!


brado1 said...

Lucky, my doc wont clear me yet... dirty bastard

Butch Greene said...

what could be better than prodding your arse for a fee? I can't think of anything at the moment.

My name is Stephen said...

brado, sorry to hear that, I hope you get to ride soon.