Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not Complaining....

It's cold!!! Having been off the bike for 4 weeks now, it is difficult to find the motivation to get out. I have nothing to maintain!! Everything I worked for before the surgery is gone and I am starting over. So, why not put it off a little longer. Plus, the kid is on winter break, and if I don't ride, everybody gets to sleep in. And I'll have more time to finish my current project, the super secret, state of the art, indoor training facility.

In addition, 25 degrees with a wind chill in the single digits does not sound even the least bit enjoyable. I think I'll put the riding off for another couple of days and hopefully get some long ones in this weekend!!

Snake Creek Gap TT is this weekend. This is one of two races that I look forward to immediately after finishing. It is a fun, friendly and challenging atmosphere. The scenery is great and it is just a blast!! But with no training going on and the first on in less than one week, I'm going to skip it this year. I can't justify the Feb and March races this year either, with the costs involved, and the bills that I owe. Hmmmmm, I'm still keeping hope that maybe I can go in March. I dnf'ed the last one last year and want to ride this one well, but it might have to wait until 2011. The plus side is that we will have less travel for the next 3 months, and maybe we'll take a trip to the beach on of these weekends!!

The first race of the season will be the 6 hrs of Warriors Creek, followed by the Pisgah Area Sorba: Save the Trails Challenge, and then the Cohutta 100, another favorite.

I'm looking forward to the New Year and what it will bring!

Have a great day.


Chris said...

Hey, I'm "starting" to think about 2010 -- shoot me your schedule with dates when you get a chance -- I still don't know any of the local stuff. Thanks!

My name is Stephen said...

yo, check the schedule on the left of the blog, I'll send some other links later.

Nolan LaVoie said...

would you mind including me on the email? I could use some recommendations as well. Right now I thinking of the icecicle, warrior creek, and cohutta.

My name is Stephen said...

good grief, I have to do EVERYTHING around here!! ;)

no problem Nolan