Wednesday, December 16, 2009


..... a few good people ( or lots of good people would be good too), to help spread the word about "The Power of Bicycles".

The feeling I get as I think about kids walking 5 miles to school each way, or medical workers having to walk 12 miles, each way, to offer medical care, is helplessness. The despair that I imagine normal everyday people experience as they try to deliver goods on foot, and make enough of a living, not to enter the next race, but to purchase the next meal, is overwhelming.

But the despair is abated, and the helplessness turns to helpfulness, when I pull on my World Bicycle Relief Kit. I know then that people are at least gaining the knowledge about WBR. But when someone asks about the mission, and then donates so that some kids can have reliable transportation to get to school, or a medical worker gets to make more visits in a day, or a small business owner can carry 12 times as much product, that is a feeling of pride. That little old me is actually doing something to make the world a better place.

And you can help. World Bicycle Relief has made the Logo merchandise available to anyone who wants to spread the word. I have been purchasing and riding in my own WBR kit for 2 years now and the quality is unbeatable.

I challenge you in this coming year to do something other than just ride your bike for fun, or to simply challenge yourself. I want you to continue those things, but I challenge you to add the component of speaking out for this organization and our brothers and sisters around the world who gain a better life through the help they receive.

And when you do receive your kit, send me a picture that I can post here.....I'll make you famous ;)

See you out there.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing me to WBR ! I was looking for a good bicycle related charity when I came across your blog about a year ago, I'm spreading the word, keep up the good work !

My name is Stephen said...

Great to hear, could you send me a little info about yourself?
thejanes chronicle at yahoo dot com

Have a great day