Monday, November 15, 2010


 Saturday after waiting all day for Rhonda to get home from work, I was getting ready to go for my ride on the mtn bike.  The air was warm and the sun was bright.  The kid was sitting on the couch looking sad and I couldn't stand it.  I asked if he wanted to go and unsurprisingly he did.   We loaded up and headed to Hardtimes parking, rode the little connector to the gravel, down the hill then left to follow the creek to the Arboretum.   We rode all the way to take a right uphill on Hardtimes Rd.  As we paused for a break, I pulled a strap out of my pocket, and much to his relief, attached it to our bikes so I could pull him up the 1.5 mile hill.  I realized immediately that this was going to be a good workout. 

We got to the top and the kid asked what that gray stuff was that cars were driving on.  I informed him that is was the Blue Ridge Parkway.  His eyes widened with surprise and delight at having ridden so far.  We took another quick break and headed down the long down hill.  Cruising down the contours of the mountains, I felt like things could not be better than they were right at that moment.

Sunday we went to check out the rodeo. We got there early and walked around back to the holding pens and got to see the cowboys herding the horses and cattle into the Ag Center.   It was the kids' first time and nachos with cheese were needed to make the experience that much better.

I'm still waiting in extreme anticipation to share something new that is going on, but that will just have to wait for the right time.  

Have a great day.

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You're a good dude and I admire your attitude. -matt f