Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I woke up to rain and wind.  I looked at the "weather in motion" and it showed a big green blob headed out way.  It was then that I decided to ride inside.  So, I got the wife and kid to school, aired up the tires, lubed the chain, put in 24 Solo, and got rolling.  That lasted about 45minutes and I felt good. 

I then showered and got dressed.   I was in a relaxed mood and wanted to have some coffee, eat a big cookie and read.  So, I headed to Earth Fare.  I got a call from Chris at Cane Creek and had to run by there for a few minutes, thanks Chris.  I figured I could go get a cookie after that. 

While I was there, my phone rang,  I didn't answer it, but when I got outside, I saw that it was the number for Liberty Bikes.  I called back, and it turns out that Tyler called.  He wanted me to ride with him, on this cold, rainy day.  I thought about it for about 3 seconds, did some logistical figuring for another 5 seconds, and we came up with a plan.   I would simply get a cookie and coffee after the ride.

The ride was great,  I pretty much stomped poor Tyler into the ground,  he was looking really slow and weak, so I took advantage of him....ok, not really.  Tyler is strong and as soon as he hires me as his coach, he will be unstoppable,  and that is the truth.

We road around for a while, my phone vibrated in my jersey pocket but I decided again, not to answer it.

After 1.5 hrs, we wound up at our cars, and headed our separate ways.  My mouth started watering when I thought about dipping that giant, soft, chewy peanut butter cookie in my coffee and slowly savoring the pea-nutty goodness.   I checked the message on my phone, it was the kid's teacher.  The kid has a fever and I need to come get cookie.

So much for that idea.  But, I would not trade a cookie for all of the other experiences I had yesterday,  sometimes you have to make sacrifices!!

Stay tuned.  Tomorrow is the big announcement we have all been waiting for,  and no, I am not pregnant!!

Have a great day.


Chris said...

Kate is on the same wavelength ... all the way in the car today, it was all "Jubal? Jubal? Jubal?" And then when I told her we were going to the grocery store, she was all, "Ice cream? Ice cream? Jubal?" It must be something in the air.

Madisyn said...

Some good information here. I've enjoyed many of your recent posts.