Monday, January 24, 2011


I finally got some knobby tires for my single speed- cx- flat bar- commuter- touring bike.  I was excited to see how they handled on dirt as opposed to the slicks that came on it.    I mounted the clincher Kendas and headed out the door.  Not sure how much air to put in, I went with 80-psi to avoid unwanted flats.  The temp was around 35 and was going to drop like a rock when the sun went down. 

Rolling down the parkway with the happy buzz of cx wheels on pavement,  I was content.   A bicycle can do that;  provide freedom and contentedness in a crazy world.

I rolled through the Arboretum and up Hardtimes rd taking note that the gates close at 7pm.   I had to make sure I could access the water fountain on the way out.  Once I reached the gap and started the decent, I cautiously let the bike pick up speed.  I was surprised how well the tires gripped, and I let it roll faster.  Surprised by the white field of ice and snow on the road in a bend, I slowed and readied to slide around but the tires held. 

As I was riding, I realized that this was my first time being back in the woods in 2011.  It felt great to be back.

I circled around, heading back to the Arboretum, back up Hardtimes from the lake, just as the sun was going down.  Stopping to fill up with water, I took a deep breathe and continued on.

1/2 mile from my neighborhood, dark was starting to settle in.  I rode up and over the last little climb, greeted by smoke coming out of the chimney. 

Walking inside to the warmth of the wood fire, and the love of my wife and kid,  a feeling like no other.

Have a great day.

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