Sunday, January 02, 2011

To You

to you, the oppressed, repressed, suppressed and depressed,   
this is your time to fight, or take flight so you can one day come back and fight.  
stand up, be proud, take charge
let your emotions guide you, not control you
stand up for what's right,
stand up to the ones who wrong you, 
who disrespect and belittle you, 
who tell you you can't do what you can do
when you do, they'll tell you you are wrong, but they are wrong,  
until they admit they are wrong, they will be wrong,  
but when they admit they are wrong, then they will be right
and they will be free
free from the bitterness and rage that is trapped inside
trapped by the pride that covers their eyes

but don't be concerned with that
look at you and what you can do,
its a new day, a new year
do whats right, start today, seek the way
and do what you love
love your neighbor as yourself

to you oppressed, repressed, suppressed and depressed,
this one is for you, I did it
and so can you
stand up and be proud, proud of who you are and what you can do
what you can do for you and your community

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