Thursday, January 27, 2011


It was cold,  low 30's, snowing and getting colder.  The wind was whipping too.  What made today any different than any other day that it was too cold to ride?  Any different than any other day with the same condition?  I don't know,  but there was something inside me that needed to be let out,  so I went.

I headed down the parkway,  when I got to hwy 25, the rangers were shutting it down.  No traffic was great.  What I needed was solitude and that is what I got.  The icy snow crystals lightly stinging my face and I spun down the road on my single speed cx bike.  When I took a right at the 191 ramp, the wind coming around the bluff tried to knock me over,  I stood up to gain ground, going down hill.

 Into the Arboretum and up Hardtimes rd.  It was thick and slow.  The dirt had taken on the form of playdough.  Not sticking  to the tires but soft enough that my wheels sank to the rim.  I was forced to stand on the pedals to maintain forward motion.  At the top of the gap the wind was blowing with force.  If there was not a forest, I am not sure I would be able to stand.  The trees were groaning and creaking,  I was alone.
After a little snack, I headed back down the icy soft dirt hill,  out to the parkway and back home.

It was a good ride.

Have a great day.

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