Friday, May 11, 2012

ABRC/ Liberty Ride

We rolled out hot and heavy, cruising down the parkway with not much of a warm up.  Someone on the front drilled it and we were flying.  We were riding all the way to 191 because it appeared that someone influential complained to the park service and now there are signs prohibiting us from crossing over the Mtns To Sea Trail.  The reroute is a little longer, but not more than 10-15 minutes. 

I sat up and waited for a few people who got dropped.  I was unmotivated and wanted to enjoy the ride, not arrive home totally depleted.  A few of us decided that we would form a B group so the ones who wanted to hammer, would not have to wait for us.  

The sun was bright, the trees and vegetation a deep dark green.  I pulled, I drafted, I got lost in thought.  I've been spending a lot of time being introspective lately.   Getting in touch with who I am, what I am capable of and what I want to do.  It is a topic I visit a lot,  each time defining myself a little bit more and becoming more confident in who I am.  The difficult side of the conversation is admitting what I am not good at.  Letting go of the pride that tells me that I can do anything.  There are simply some things that I cannot do well, or even do at all.  I can try, and if life requires it, I can survive, but I will not be building my profession around said skills. 

And once I accept what I am not good at, the path in front of me becomes more clear, and I am able to move ahead with an irreplaceable confidence.  When I come to those conclusions, I also realize that I begin to enjoy life more. 

As we turned onto Hendersonville rd, the sun was dipping behind the trees.  The air was a bit cooler and the cooling sweat felt good. 

I took one last attempt at a breakaway before turning onto the parkway.  I got lucky at the group got caught at a red light.  Victory at last.....

Eric White made the turn to ride north on the parkway with me.  A little chatting followed by me tucking in behind him as he pulled me the rest of the way home.  

Friends are good to have,  and be.

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