Saturday, May 19, 2012

I rolled out of bed at 5am to start eating some food and drink some coffee.  I was excited about the challenge ahead and tried to ignore the nagging sinus crud that I had been struggling with for a week.  I had been taking meds to try to kick it, and was feeling funky.   I got the bike lubed and loaded and headed down the road, nibbling on a 560 calorie honey bun. 

I stuck to my plan and held back at the start.  After about 20 miles, I usually warm up and find a groove, but that never happened today.   I kept focusing on my form and being smooth, but it just was not happening.  I wasn't done yet though and rolled  in to the first rest stop determined to finish. 

The next several miles was spent contemplating yet another DNF.  I have quite a few on my resume and of course don't want any more but a guy has to know when to call it quits.   But,  I wasn't ready to throw in the towel, so I kept eating and drinking holding a steady finishing pace. 

I got to rest stop 2 refueled, greeted the wife and kid and headed out for a loop in Mills River Valley.  It was fun but I noticed that I was getting slower.  I continuously went back and forth, reasoning and weighing the decision. 

My conclusion was that I felt like I could finish.   It would take a very long time, but it could be done.  The clincher was that I was signed up to race as a team with the kid at a kid's adventure race on Sunday.  If I had not had any responsibilities and could have laid around all day, it would have been different.  So I pulled the plug. 

I ran out of water and rode the last 45 minutes hoping that I would make it to Yellow Gap where the family was waiting.  I rolled up and stopped and explained my reasoning. They both agreed.

We packed up and headed to the finish before heading home.

52 miles in 6 hrs 16 mins,  not super fast, but not too shabby either.  It was a good day in the woods and I am pleased with what I did.

Thanks Pisgah Productions for putting on  such a stellar race!!

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