Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rain Ride

I set out, knowing that there was a good chance I would get rained on, so I packed arm warmers and rain jacket.  It was going to be one of those rides.  I have not had a proper rain ride yet in the past 6  months and I figured I had better get out and ride in a good downpour to get comfortable with it.  The P111K is coming up and, well it is spring so there is a real chance it could rain.  I want to be ready. 

I don't have any aspirations of winning the race, it is going to be grueling and long, but I do have a goal of finishing and feeling good. 

As I arrived at the Arboretum to access Bent Creek the deluge started.  As I filled my water bottle, I considered turning back because it was a little chilly as well, but I pushed on.  The roads were soaked, and my glasses fogged up.  The glasses I had were not the ones I normally where when mtn biking and I'll never wear them again.  They were not at all anti fog and I could not see.  But if I took them off, on the gravel decents , eyes sucked in mud and sand. 

As I made my way up, down and around South Ridge Rd, it happened.  I got frustrated and very glad that I had done this ride in the rain.  Chainsuck.  My chain sucked up into the frame causing me to come to an abrupt stop, barely backpedaling in time to release the pressure and the chain and start pedaling again.  It was then that I remembered the chainsuck from last fall, the last rain ride I had done. 

I cut the ride short, heading home and to Liberty Bikes to overhaul the drivetrain.   New chainrings, chain and bottom bracket and the bike is ready to fly. 

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Chris Sewell said...

As they say, a rain ride is better than no ride!