Friday, June 29, 2012

Bicycling Magazing Photo Shoot

Kevin and I had the opportunity to ride our bike so  a stranger could take pictures.  The photog had a contract with Bicycling Magazine and needed some models. We had fun with the opportunity and rode from Hwy 80 on the Parkway up to Mitchel and back.  The 35 mile trip took 4 hrs.  We had to do the modeling thing, posing under the tree, facing each other, sipping on water........unnatural and at times creeping us out a little, but I guess that is what the masses want to see in a magazine.  What could have been a drag was made fun by having a friend along,  and fun was had!

Kevin, telling the photog how to take great cycling photos

Stephen and Kevin, trying to figure out what tree the phtog was talking about.  He told us to meet him at the overlook with the tree......

Kevin, trying to use the walkie talkie that the photo wanted us to use to communicate...

Stephen at the top.

Kevin, at the top

The photo, in the ditch....

The photo, standing on his car...look at the moon.

Sunset on the way home.

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Patrick Cavan Brown said...


Thank you very much for participating in the ride. We sincerely appreciate it. Creepy, maybe.... but I had the power to make you look like a tool, or cool... and you look cool. The pics turned out great. ;-)

And yes, I did drive into a ditch... and it wasn't worth it because they aren't even using that pic.

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