Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Rides

 This summer is a whirlwind.   When I finally pulled out my large summer calendar, the one where I can see the next two months in a glance, I realized that I had not left much downtime for myself.  But, its worth it, because a whole lot of kids will get to ride this summer.  This also forces me to be more creative and ride at times that I might not otherwise noon. 

I am also hoping that the theory of shorter harder workouts replacing longer workouts will be beneficial as well.   I am focusing on riding 1-2 hrs but packing those hours with some punch, and not the kind you drink.

So after a kid's ride on Tuesday, I set out on my own for a fast loop of Bent Creek.   Using gears that were a bit tougher than normal, I taxed my muscles and it was good.

 Wednesday was another short loop with lots of climbing.  Little did I know I would ride up a new road,  one I had always assumed was a driveway,  but its not.  I rode up Avondale to Beetree,  up and over Beetree mountain. Once at the gap, I stopped to take the above photo. It was then that curiosity got the best of me and I turned right, off the main road.  The road kicked up, then kicked up some more.  16% grade, and still climbing.   After a few minutes, it eased up and I realized that I was on top of Bee Tree Mountain.  I rode past the towers that I can see from my house and confirmed that I needed to make the hike up here this winter. 
 The air was still cool with a forcast in the mid 80's, I soaked it in.  The views were stunning and the downhill faster than I cared to go. 
Country Road

And at the end of the loop, I had to stop and greet this little dude,  chilling on the mountain side and soaking it all in. We could all take some "chill" lessons, take time to breathe and appreciate what is around us.  I did, for a minute, before I started pedaling again.  And I was thankful.

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