Friday, June 15, 2012

NC Hwy 151

I invited myself to go ride with Kevin.  We tossed around ideas on where to go, and since I had only been up hwy 151 in my life, and it happened to be 3 days ago,  we decided that would be a good place to go.  
I felt pretty good starting off, my legs feeling a little heavy from the past week of riding, but I figured that if I was still turning the pedals, and keeping pace with Kevin, I was not getting weaker.  These days I get on the bike when I have a chance because the summer only gets busier.  
We went out through West Asheville and into Enka, entering the farm lands and steep rollers.  It takes a lot of work simply to get to the base of 151, but once there the road continues to rise.  Pretty quickly, the pavement takes us up out of the valley that today was filled with stifling heat and humidity.  

Higher up into the woody forest with the bright green of the trees and understory.  With every switchback, we felt a little cooler breeze greeting us.  We stopped briefly at the little waterfall for a breather and to drink.  The water was cold and clear and we both drank too much,  leaving us a little sloshy for the rest of the climb.  

Topping out at the parkway, Mt Pisgah beckoned but we both has things to do so we headed north, towards Asheville.  Then my legs decided they had enough and it was all I could do to keep up with Kevin  on the long downhill grades.  

The Foundry Ratchet smoothed out the corners and the DT Swiss wheel set had me gliding down the mountain faster than I have gone before.  Smooth and fast....

Once down to the French Broad river, we re grouped and took a mellow pace back into civilization.    

Hwy 151....

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