Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Fun

 After a great weekend I get to spend the day gearing up for six weeks of 4-5 rides per week, with Trips For Kids WNC.

Saturday was spent with a group of volunteers at the Biltmore Baptist bike safety rodeo, teaching over 45 kids riding etiquette, safety, and signalling.  It was blazing hot on the pavement but well worth it.

Sunday I headed up high, north on the parkway hoping to breathe some cooler air.  I did find some cool air, but with the high humidity, breathing was interestingly difficult.  I set an easy pace and ground the way up to Craggy Gardens.    
 On the way back down I got in with a couple of other guys.  We had a blast trading pulls and hammering downhill at 35 plus mph.

After getting home,  eating lunch, napping, watching the Formula 1 race with the kid, we headed out to Bent Creek for a creek hike.  Gotta teach the kid that there is more to life than simply riding through the woods.  We scrambled through Rhodo thickets,  post full bloom with the ground covered in bright white/pink flowers.  It was nice to be walking in the cold clear mountain water.  And then we found a mini rock slide that I did not know was there.  This might be a regular stop for me on my hot summer rides! 

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