Friday, May 17, 2013

Tired Legs

 The insurance guy came and went and left good news.  Hopefully it won't jack up our premiums, but it looks like a roofing project is in order this fall.  Anyone want to have a roof raising?

Peel off the outer wall, thick oak planks that were milled just up the road at the saw mill.  It was then that I remembered I had already rebuilt the wall a couple of years ago, but from the inside.  That made this portion of the project a little easier.  The floor joists were fine, except for a bit on the ends when I trimmed back to solid wood.  The floor was sagging 1/2 an inch, so getting the sil plate to slide in required a bit of creativity, but I finally got it done.  The sledge hammer helped me work it out.  That's what I like about working with wood!!

I was close to getting the OSB hung, but it was 4pm, and I wanted to go ride my bike.  No rain in the forecast, so I got cleaned up and headed out for the Liberty Thursday Night Road Ride.  Tired legs and body, I knew it was going to hurt.

I have been amazed though, since I got the Wobblenaught fit and pedal stroke instruction,  even on the days when I feel totally dragged out,  I can still pedal with enough power to ride and sprint it out.  I'm impressed and sold!  

 We set out with perfect temps and light wind.  About 15 guys and one lady. 

Lots of fun pacelining, sprinting, and socializing on this ride.  Only one angry driver, shouting things that made no sense: "I'm gonna punch you off your bike".  Right.

Have a great day.

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