Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mountain Sports Festival and The Floridian Invasion.

 We had quite  a big group of kids show up at the Mountain Sports Festival for the afternoon Kid's Fun Race.  2 laps for the big kids and 1 lap for the littler kids.   I was set up at the festival as The Bicycle Thrift Shop and we were selling a ton of bikes and gear.  It is so exciting to be a part of the cycling community and seeing people purchase and ride away on their first bike.   We have had an old Huffy Sundance in the shop for a long time and a little girl finally bought it.  She borrowed a helmet so she could ride around the park..... all day long.  I was so impressed that I gave the helmet to her. 
 For 3 days, I sent deals out of the door and happy people on their way.  A mother and daughter buying bikes so they can ride together; a kid getting his first bike- one that won't fit him until next year;  a lady who found a bike exactly like she used to have and then picked it up to give to her son;  A group of younster/hipsters who follow the NASCAR series and offer pedicab shuttles from the parking areas to the racetrack,  I almost dropped everything and went with them.  
 I also provided the "Meltdown Prevention Zone" complete with lounge chairs and bubbles. ( note to self, when providing stress relief, don't buy the cheap crappy bubbles from Walmart).  Kids loved it and so did parents.  Next year, I need to bring some larger chairs for the parents as well.

The weekend ended and when the dust settled, we have raised enough money to keep the program going over the summer!!  So exciting.

Monday, bright and early, I met up with my FLA friends Jason and Adrienne.  They brought Roy, Todd, Steve and Jamie with them to get a taste of Pisgah and that's what they got.  By the time we met, they already had close to 10 hrs in the past two days and were pretty worn.  The plan was to ride from Kitsuma over to and up Curtis Creek Rd.  I had to be home by 2pm and planned to peel off at 12:15pm. 

Fun times were had by all, and despite soreness and weary muscles, smiles were abundant. 
 It was great to ride with old friends and meet some new ones.  I love sharing my love of fat tires with others. 

Today I want to ride, but my body is tired and my legs are sapped.  With the Fletcher Flyer coming up on Sunday, I'll be taking a short recovery ride!  

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