Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Heat

 I was pretty bummed when I found the rot in my house.  I've been working on this house for 9 years, gradually adding on, upgrading, rebuilding etc and I know what it is going to take to do that.  Riding a bike for me is a privilege, not an entitlement and this was  a good reminder.  In light of that, my recovery ride today took a little bit different than normal route, up the parkway and down Elk Mtn Scenic Pkwy.  I like climbing Elk better than descending.  
 The first heat wave of the year hit today,  temps up into the 80's and of course my body started rebelling,  but I complained so much about the cold this year, that I refuse to spread negativity and complain about the heat.  It is summer in a veritable rain forest, it is going to be hot and humid.  Suck it up and ride!

When I do the grilled cheese stop at PMBAR, I purposely leave tools, pump etc at home.  I'm not a real rest stop, I am policing FSR 5015.  The grilled cheese is an oasis in the woods.  I am not prepared to help in case of break down, (unless it is physical then I am prepared).  When Mike Pierce and Joel Watson rolled through though, I had a moment of caring.  Joel had come up from Charleston to race this beast with Mike, and he had lost a cleat.  When he said that his race was over, my heart sank.  I know what it feels like to DNF.  I went to my truck and pulled out a shoe with the cleat that he needed.  He was stoked to be back in the game.

Today, the mail came and Joel sent me a cleat with a little note and  an even smaller bicycle.   Thanks for spreading the kindness.  Little things like that make a person's day so much better!!

The insurance inspector/adjuster/what ever they call them is coming today to let me know if the damage is covered or not.  Should be interesting.  For some reason, I never thought to make a claim about any of the repairs that I have done.   Live and learn, I suppose.

I'll title this project:  "Rebuilding My House, 12 feet at a time".

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