Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We finally saved up a couple hundred bucks to work on the ongoing house renovation that started nine years ago.  Up next on the list is to replace the siding on the original part of the house to match the siding on the addition. 

I have decided to do the project in 12 foot sections, approx one per month until it is completed.   The Hardi Plank is 12ft long and this will also break the larger project down into smaller more affordable pieces.  

The kid and I went to town, tearing of 3 layers of siding.  Vinyl, pressboard, and finally shingle.  Once we got down to the wood, I was very discouraged to find quite a bit of rot.  It is all dry and looks like it has been there for a very long time.  But all of it will have to be replaced.  

I'm waiting for a call from the insurance company who is sending a guy out to assess the damage and let me know if it is covered. 

The only major projects on this house are this siding project and a new roof.  Two major projects.  It will be so nice when these are done!!  

Summer project number one is complete though.  Last year, the kid and I built this cool clubhouse, but ran out of time, and put a simple flat roof on it,  plywood covered with plastic.  It was pretty lame and leaked, so last week, we got a nice metal roof on it, and gave a little more light and room inside.  He is pretty excited about it.

The project went pretty smoothly and turned out really cool.

 Fun times.

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Olene Philbrook said...

From tearing up the siding and roofing -- did you do all the renovation of this house by yourself? If so, you’re good! It’s a tough job. That’s why some of the homeowners would prefer to hire a contractor just to do this kind of work. But if you think about it, the result will be more rewarding once you finish doing all the work yourself. How were the results, by the way?

Olene @