Monday, July 08, 2013

Fireworks and Haircuts

 Spent a busy weekend dodging rain and playing with the kid.  We managed to see the 4th of July fireworks show in Ahseville.  We sat in the van in the pouring down rain.  I thought it was kind of lame because we couldn't hear them very well.  Maybe we should have turn on some Pink Floyd or something. 

Backyard fireworks were fun too.  I spent too much money on gunpowder wrapped in paper, but it was worth it to see the smile on the kid and wife's face.  

Saturday, I decided to do the bakery ride.  It starts at 10 am and for some reason I left the house too early.  I would have to wait 30 minutes, and was not sure if anyone would show up, due to the race in Brevard.  I kept riding, and did the loop solo.  Lots of washed out driveways with gravel all across the road.  Be careful. 

I made the stop at Zuma in Marshall for espresso, peanut butter cookie and a Coke.  Setting a temp pace back to the house felt good.  The French Broad River was pretty high.  It was definitely runnable if a person had the skills,  with lots of good surfing waves as well. 

I wondered how, psychologically,  the affect of riding upriver has on my speed/effort.  Hmmm. 
Sunday, after a family hike, it was time for the summer mohawk.  No mine...  the kid's.  I did get my mane trimmed in the back though.

Busy week of providing mountain bike outings to youth coming up this week!  Can't wait.

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