Monday, July 15, 2013

More Wobblenaught

Friday afternoon, I hit the road for Atlanta to visit Eddie again.  After some for adjustments, thanks to Suspension Experts,  I needed to get the race bike dialed in.  I also killed two birds with one stone so to speak, and took my Siren, John Henry,  my dedicated bikepacking bike to get the fit as well. 

It turned out to be a 10 hour trip: just over 7 hours of driving, but totally worth the effort and the money.  Do it, you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, I woke up pretty tired and stiff, and so headed out the door to ride the bakery loop.  I was a little early this time, but considering how many other events were happening, I decided to skip the group start and head out on my own,  going my own steady pace.   The day was awesome, sunshine and big puffy rainfilled clouds.  It didn't rain, just looked like it might. 
 I pedaled through the country side, enjoying the ride, and the time alone.  I don't mind riding alone.  I like to ride with groups and/or individuals, but a lot of the time, this is my time, before heading back home to chase the kid around the yard, and answer to "Daddy" hundreds of times in mere minutes.
 I am fortunate to live in such an awesome place, with awesome friends.  Most of my friends, I would consider family,  each of them helping me deal with my past in their own special way.  So many things that I don't take for granted.
And then a stop as ZUMA in Marshall for a double espresso, 2 peanut butter cookies and a Coke for the way home.  Those cookies are the best energy food.  They hit the spot every time.  Soft and chewy....and buttery,  chased by some great coffee.... boom!  

The ride back into the head wind was better than I expected,  I just put my head down and pedaled away, focusing on pedal stroke and thinking through life stuff. 

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jDub said...

Dude...I train alone quite a bit and it is very good for me. Pretty much my therapy. Now I just need to move to Asheville!