Friday, July 12, 2013

Group Ride

 I set out on this muggy hot, but not too hot to handle evening to ride with a bunch of friends.  Group rides are funny in that over the course of time the feel of the ride changes depending on who shows up.  Sam, Kevin and Brad were missing tonight while Joel, Erica and Monica rode with us.  Mike and Tony were there with Tony making most of the attacks! 
The A and B groups have gotten the hang of splitting up.  Today we rolled out together, and we split up on the parkway climb up to the I-26 bridge. 

Joel and Erica decided to swap bikes mid ride, there was a lot of giggling and whining about compact cranks and hard gears for the rest of the ride.

I was a little tired from the day,  having spent the afternoon in the shop teaching the first ever kid's bike mechanic classes,  I just cruised,  pulled some and sucked wheels.  Fun times.

The temps were a bit cooler by the end of the ride, that was nice.

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