Thursday, July 18, 2013


Texas.   The dog I have had for around 12 yrs.  I surprised Rhonda with him while we were living in Shelby NC.  I drove to the Humane Society of Charlotte, and this little ball of fur stuck out.  10 weeks old and full of energy.  He loved to chase things.

He joined us on Cycle NC,  where one over enthusiastic rider fed him a Clif bar. He only about 1 yr old.

Texas joined us on my Ride Across America in 2001.  He cracked us up with his antics,  flipping his water bowl at our campsites and pushing it around, yapping at it like it was alive.

He made multiple trips to Roanoke to visit the in laws, and several trips to Charlotte to visit people there.

The dog loved to swim and would stick his head underwater to retrieve rocks thrown for him.  He loves the snow,  loves to catch snowballs.

The squirrels, rabbits and birds in our backyard fear him.

He killed our baby chickens once,  he didn't mean to, he was just doing what he does, chasing stuff.
He is a hiker,  walking companion for the wife, backyard buddy for the kid.

He is an old dog with lots of memories shared with our family.

We hope you come home, Texas.

UPDATE:   I just checked Craigslist and a neighbor 1/2 mile down the road found him!   Thank God!

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