Monday, September 16, 2013

Monster CX and Stage Race Prep

 The alarm went off and I went back to sleep.  I woke up an hour later, an hour late.  I took a deep breathe and rolled out of bed.  It was nice to know that I was not in charge of the rest stop this time.  I was to meet Mark Smith from Liberty Bikes to support rest stop # 3 at Monster CX.

Somehow, I got ready, got coffee, picked up some breakfast and made it out to the start in record time.  I made it with 15 minutes to spare.  I had planned on meeting Mike Keeley at the start to wish him good luck, but when I got there,  I totally forgot to look for him.  So, I just stood around, said some hellos and watched the start.  Sorry Mike!
 I headed out to the spot and helped Mark and Norman get set up.  We had a huge spread of a buffet.  Pete, Sarah, Jaimee,  Ben and Macy showed up a little later.  We were a well oiled support machine and got lots of compliments on how well organized we were.   Mission accomplished.

 This was Mike's first ever Endurance CX race.  He has done some shorter gravel rides, lots of centuries and several multiday trips, so he knows what it takes to get it done.  He rolled into the rest stop smiling, and feeling "ok".  He looked great and I told him so.  After some bacon and gatorade,  he was off to the finish.  Congrats Mike!
 I had to head out a little early to get to the kid's first soccer game.  I grabbed the leftover doughnuts and offered handups out the truck window as I passed racers.   Noone accepted until I came across this dude.  He is a local endurance racer who knows that you don't pass up a doughnut in the middle of the woods.  Mike Pearce along with Mark Sackett recently took a shot at the Palmetto trail.  They ran into a lot of flooded land and had to improvise but they got the job done!
 Sunday, I took the kid out for a ride.  We were out for 1.5 hrs, and had a great time.  I realized that my headset was getting a little stiff so after the ride and a stop at Waffle House, I set about getting it in order.  I wound up with a new stem and new headset.  Thanks Matt at Liberty Bikes for helping me sort things out.

One last shakedown ride tomorrow, then its go time on Tuesday!  Can't wait.

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Thanks for your help Stephen!