Friday, September 06, 2013

Thursday Night Ride

The ride went off fairly smoothly,  after a last minute time change, I apologize t anyone who might have shown up at 6pm and gotten left.  I hope you had a good ride. 

About 8 of us set out for what turned out to be a smooth fast paced ride.  The sun is setting earlier, and the air temps were definitely cooler than the past couple of weeks.  I focused on my wheel sucking,  attempting to take less pulls.   It didn't work,  I find myself at the front wanting to do my part.  That's just the way I roll.   When I see the opportunity, and I have skills that match, I take up the slack.  In every aspect of life, not just cycling.

One more Thursday Night Liberty Bikes Ride left for me,  then the stage race and some mountain biking after that.   As if I need more,  I've only been riding my road bike once per week lately!  

Fun times!

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