Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Of Bikes

 The after summer lull has ended and school programming has picked up.  I am slammed.  But it all revolves around getting kids on bikes and encouraging families to be active.  4 new bike clubs are in the works.  I'm working on figuring out the best way to support and encourage each of the clubs,  I know there will be more in the near future. 

2 weeks until the Pisgah MTB Stage race.  Can't wait.  I'm almost finished with my training,  just a couple more peppy rides then some relaxing ones.  I'm enjoying the chill rides more and more.  Maybe its age, or maybe I've had my fill.  I still like to go fast, maybe I have proven myself to myself and know what I can do.   I won't stop training though,  I still want to see what I can do and go on adventures!
 Speaking of chill rides, the kid has taken more of an interest in riding,  watch Facebook for announcements of family/kid friendly rides.  This is something a lot of people have shown an interest in  and I think it will be  a blast.
 I finally put some phat tires on the John Henry and took it for a spin.  Jason and Adrienne were in town so we took a chill ride together.  Finished up with BBQ at Moes......BLAM!  

This bike is amazingly smooth and fast.   It's wheelbase is a bit longer than the Siren 55 that I use for racing,  so it took a few minutes to get used to.  I love this bike more each time I ride it.  I decided that I want to set it up with a suspension fork so I'm shopping around for one.  80-100 mil ought to do the trick.   Then after some chain suck, I got home and measured the chain....oops,  looks like I need a new chain,  which means chainrings and cassettes too.  Dang it.  The fork might have to wait. 

Shadow Rider

Autumn is right around the corner.

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