Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pisgah MTB Stage Race 2013

Well, here we go.   Stage Race #5.  I am surprisingly not nervous.  The day before is the  worst.  Lots of mental and physical pacing.  My mind tires before my body, then I have trouble falling asleep.  I think I got about 6 hrs which is a record for the night before. 

I have been trying to decide if I like bikepacking or racing better.  I've had to scale back this year and find a balance.  The answer would be neither.  I like both.  This time of year however,  I'm tired of pushing my limits of fast and would be content to ride my own slow bikepacking pace, soaking in the views. 

But when I hit the line, I know that I'll get pumped up and know that I signed up for a race, not a tour.  And it turns out that I love to race. I still love to push my limits, and see what all my training and consistency has added up to.  Podium? Highly doubtful,  but I suppose there is always that slight chance. 

Sometimes I wonder if I would line up even if there were no podium.  The answer is yes, for example: The Save The Trails Challenge.  I'd like to see a lot more of these fun type rides. 

But this week is all about racing, so here goes.  The drive train is lubed, the chamois buttr'ed, the coffee hot and the engine rested. 

Nothing left to do but to ride!!

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