Wednesday, September 11, 2013



I put on my Honey Stinger kit looking for inspiration and motivation.  It was time to do one last set of intervals in my prep for the Pisgah MTB Stage race which starts in one week.  I drove out to Rice Pinnacle and headed over to Hardtimes to get some big gear hill climbs in.  It was early so there was not much traffic.  I headed up hill getting warmed up and then turned the gas on.  Heart Rate hung around 102% and RPE felt awesome.  I wished I had set the timer because I made it to the top in what felt like no time at all.

Anaerobic,  I turned around and soft pedaled back down the hill.  I felt like I could do the max amount,  I felt great and was excited about how far I have come this year in my training.  At the bottom, I turned and headed back up.  This one hurt a little more.  I had started the timer and realized that I was trying too hard.  I relaxed and practiced proper pedal stroke and body position.  Much better.  

I was feeling good.  The timer confirmed that I am faster than a couple of months ago.  I hope it lasts through next week.  Not that I'm racing or anything,  just out for a ride.  I got to the top of the climb and headed back down for a couple more.  I was softpedaling again,  minding my own business and getting along just fine.  

Suddenly, I felt a little prick in my leg,  I looked down and saw the silhouette of a flying insect.  the pain intensified as I flicked the piece of crap insect off my leg.  Chills ran trough my body and my inner thigh started throbbing.  

I screamed.
This is me screaming in pain.
Noone was around.  I'm thankful that I'm not allergic, but now what am I going to do with a swollen, itchy inner thigh?  I quickly look around, trying to find some plantain, a broadleaf plant that can be chewed and placed on the sting area to relive the pain.  None.  I pulled over to a creek, still in pain,  kind of wishing I had stayed home today.  Picking up some mud out of the creek, I placed it on the sting.  This offered relief.  I replaced the mud often for the next 4-5 minutes.  The pain subsided to uncomfortable.

Mud on the sting area.
 I decided to keep on with my training, but when I started my next interval, I found that I had no power left.  The adrenaline and hystamine rush had left me flat and sluggish.   I headed over to explore loop to take the scenic route home.  Bombing down Sleepy Gap, I felt a little off.  About the third undulation,  I hit it fast and off balance.  I came alarmingly close to loosing control and flipping over the bars.  That was the end of my fun for the day.  

I soft pedaled to the parking lot and called it a day.  

I tried to float like a butterfly but got stung by a bee....

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