Friday, March 19, 2010


I met up with Chris, Eric, and Greg at Bent Creek last night.  We started out a little too fast and the pace only got faster.  I have not ridden that fast in a very long time, if ever.  Chris and Greg were on fire, while Eric and I tried to keep up.  It was Chris's first time at BC and being the stellar rider that he is, I think he was riding with one eye closed to make it more challenging.  After an hour Eric did the smart thing and headed back.  Greg must have been hurting and I know I was delirious because, I let him talk me into doing Sidehill the wrong way.....downhill.  He knew that if we went uphill, I would have been to strong to keep up.   You gotta stay on your toes around these guys!!

I ended up bailing after that since I had to head over to Asheville Pizza and Brewing for Women of Dirt.  I had gotten great response about the movie coming to town and was excited to see who showed up.  I arrived early, got things in order and sat down for some food.  The Arty Spin Dip is delicious and the portion large enough to share.  Fortunately,  Frank Obusek came in and helped himself to the rest!!

We had approximately 100 people show up for the movie.  And the people loved the movie so much that they cheered and clapped when it was over.   And, we raised enough money  for World Bicycle Relief to send two more bikes to Zambia!!

Thanks to Bones Over MetalAsheville Pizza and Brewing, and the people of Asheville for the support!!!

Have a great day!!

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Gleister said...

Great ride! Chris is a beast! He was conversation pacing me up the last section of Ingles Field and the pitchy part of Sidehill. Ugh!! I was thinking when do you breath animal? ;-) Greg