Thursday, March 04, 2010


Last Friday I mentioned a contest that was going on.  I was hoping to recruit your help with winning the grand prize, but I didn't make the cut.   I'm only a little disappointed,  because I did make the top 50 and won an awesome prize.
I have never owned a pair of Sidis.
So when I saw the contest at Sidi America, I got creative.

The instructions were to write a less than 350 word essay on why I like my Sidi shoes so much. 

Here is what I wrote:
Ahh, Sidi. I have heard the name.  I have seen the shoes.  I have heard stories about the shoes.  About the history of the shoes.  About Dino Signori starting a small company, at the edge of the Alps, specializing in  mountaineering footwear.  About how the lure of cycling overcame and steered the company towards crafting quality cycling footwear. 

I have felt the shoes,  looked at them, tried them on.  But never actually owned a pair of my own.  I have dreamt about them, drooled over them and wondered, even realized that the fit, comfort and durable quality would make my feet happy while I ride over hill and dale. 

It's not only that they look good.  Their sleek lines, the beauty of the curves, the colors blending perfectly to bring aesthetic joy to the eye.  It is more about the quality and care that goes into each pair of shoes. As if each pair is being crafted to be hand delivered to a champion,  whether a world champion or a neighborhood champion.

Ahhh, SIDI.  What it would be like to own a pair of SIDI.

I was really excited,  as I sat in disbelief when I got the e-mail confirming that I had made the top 50.  The e-mail also requested that I send in my shoe size and the model that I wanted.

The top ten were posted on the web-site yesterday, and I didn't make the cut.  But I'm not really disappointed, because I never thought that I would get top 50.  In fact, after I sent in my essay, I forgot about the contest!!

Now I wait patiently by the mailbox for my shoes to arrive!!

Have a great day.

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ChrisJ said...

I have a pair. The factory insoles suck. I'm going with some Specialzied shoes nest time I think.