Monday, March 22, 2010


Saturday promised temps in the high 60's and it did not disappoint. 

When I woke up the temp was around the time I rolled out the front door at 9am, the temps had climbed to close to 40.   I was only a little chilly at first but warmed up well on the first climb.  That was the last time all day that I would be chilly.  

I headed south on the Parkway for my regular 4 hr loop around Bent Creek and back home.  I'm a creature of habit, and when I find a route that works really well for me, I stick to it.  By the time I rode through the gates of the Arboretum, the sun was shining brightly and I peel off my wind vest and arm warmers.  It felt so good to have exposed skin that was not freezing and numb. 
Today, with what I learned last weekend about RPE( Rate of Perceived Exertion) vs HR ( Heart Rate),  I was more focused on RPE.  I wanted to learn to listen more to what my body was telling me, and how I was feeling. 

As I headed up Hardtimes rd, I took it easy.  The rest is a blur of single track and gravel road.  I was excited that 99% of the trails were dry and packed hard.  It dawned on me after the first bit of single track, how long it had been since I had ridden extensive single track.  Riding on the road does not prepare one adequately for single track.  I have a little bit of conditioning work to do!!

Another hour into the ride, and the sun was up and warming the earth.  As I rode around, my thoughts wandered.  I thought about what I do, who I am, and how I am contributing to my neighbors: next door and worldwide.  I thought about "health-care reform" and wondered if it would be such a big deal if we were all making an effort to care for our neighbors. 

I thought about bicycles and what they have done for people around the world.  I thought about what they have done for me.  I contemplated the people I have met due to riding a bicycle.  

I wondered what the future has in store for me.  I want to do something more, to help, but what?  I want to do something unique,  not necessarily original, but unique.  I have lots of ideas I am chewing but I have to wait for the right place and the right time. 

There is so much potential, so much opportunity.  The difficult thing is working around the American mentality of capitalism.  Why not just do something with no return?   Other than knowing that you helped a fellow human being?  

I wound back around through the Arboretum after hitting Lower Sidehill, Hickory Top, and Ingles Field.  I stopped on Ledford and cleaned out a drain that was causing some puddleage.  I then headed back up Hardtimes and back to the Arboretum to fill up on water.  Once back on the Parkway, I found a steady pace and cruised back home.   After 4 hrs of riding I was tired but not totally fatigued.  I was still able to spend the rest of the day working on the chicken coop and chasing Jubal around the park!!  

Have a great day!!

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Chris said...

Been ruminating about the same thing, after the lack of helping hands this weekend! And around here, the return for doing something nice (like trail work) is enormous, so why not join in?!