Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Monday morning I was sitting at work and feeling motivated to get some projects done at the house.  So, I took the afternoon off and came home and got to work.  I finished hanging some siding, and caulked.  As soon as we get some warm weather I'll get it painted. 

Then I went to work on the wood pile.  We have used up all of the firewood that we stored up last year.  I cleaned out the wood shed and started chopping and stacking wood. I was glad it was snowing and not raining.  Several hours later, satisfied with a big chunk of progress I finished up for the day. 

As Rhonda and I were sitting in the living room last night, I started thinking about titles and how people tend to take them too seriously.  I know that titles are important in that they tell me who a person is and what they do, but when they use that title to separate themselves from other people of less importance, then I feel that it is inappropriate. 

For instance,  I knew someone once, who moved to a big city, started a mega church and then decided that his "people" should no longer refer to him by his first name, but call him "pastor".....and stand up when he walks in the room.  And what about "Reverend"?  "One who is to be respected": Wikipedia.  Aren't we all supposed to be respected?  So shouldn't we call everybody reverend?  Look at the history of the use of the word and you will see that it is no longer necessary today. 

The term Doctor is a good one.  I have friends who are doctors.   One is a close friend and in everyday life he does not introduce himself as "Doctor..." but uses his first name.  He puts himself on my level and lives his life that way.  And I am for knowing you are a Dr if you are a medical Dr.  That is an important useful term.  But for someone who has read more books than me and passed more test than me, and has more "book knowledge" than me?  Good job!!   I guess you earned that title, but it is still a title!!  I respect that you went through that and learned all of that valuable info, but don't think you are better than someone else because you have a title. 

And then,  guess what?  Some people get an honorary doctorate.  That's right, they just act real smart, and they get one.  I'll never get one of those, because I act real, I don't think any organizations give out honorary doctorates for "keepin' it real"!!   

And you know what?  I don't expect people to stop using their titles, I'm not upset and looking for some kind of change.  There will always be titles and people who use them properly and that is fine.

But,   I'm sure that it makes some people, who have titles and letters in front of their names, to talk to a normal person like me.  So, from here on out, if you are not comfortable with just my first name,  you may call me Dr. Reverend M. Stephen Janes.  (putting the middle initial in before your first name says something about status too).  

And the rest of you?  You can keep calling me Stephen.

Have a great day!!

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Chris said...

Too funny, this is just like what we were discussing yesterday! You can call me [racing category here] S. Christopher Strout [gobbeldigook letters here]. How's that?!