Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I headed out to Bent Creek again for a faster ride with some intervals thrown in. 

I always have trouble eating first thing in the morning and have not found anything that sits well in my stomach.  I have found that I can wait up to a couple of hours before eating in the morning and my system works a lot better, but this method does not work well for races that start early in the morning.  

This morning I tried a couple of scrambled eggs, sprinkled with cheddar cheese.  I choked down 3/4 of it but could not stomach the rest.  And there is sat, in the dark cavern of my belly.  I felt really sluggish and wanted to go back to bed, but I headed to the trailhead anyway.  

Once on the trail, I felt like a pile of moldy rice and wanted to turn back but forced myself to continue.  I started drinking my super secret sports drink, a combo of maltodextrin and nuun.  Interestingly, I started to feel better after about 20 minutes, so continue on my ride.  Up Ingles Field and down Greenslick, up Sidehill, up Bent Creek Gap Road, then back down,  a short trip on Explore Loop, past the lake then Hardtimes Connector and the freaking fun wall rides!  

It was  a great day for a ride, and my body is feeling good.  I'm recovering after attacking the climbs and my down hill skills, while lacking, are improving!

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