Saturday, September 17, 2011


This guy hangs out by the river and blows the horn.

I love it when I get to ride 2 times in one day.  This morning I went for a recovery ride.  I ride from the house, down past Biltmore, to the French Broad River Park.  Then I take the greenway, upriver through Carrier Park, to Hominy Creek Park.  On the way back I usually stop at the track for a couple of laps and a chat with Rostand Smith.  That guy is cool and has lots of stories to tell!!

After the fine recovery on a chilly morning, I made my way home and loaded up the trailer and bikes.   I was excited as I headed to Francine Delaney, a charter school in West Asheville.  I work with a group of 9 guys and teach Bicycle 101.  The guys are totally into it. 
I worked at this school 7 years ago when I was in the child mental health field.  It was great when Buffy, the operations coordinator, who was the teacher in the class I worked in, came out and rode around with the kids.  To see the excitement, not only on the kid's faces, but also on the staff's,  it was amazing.  Buffy was also adamant that we should have a girl's program as well!

I look forward to the possibilities of running similar programs in other schools!

On to the weekend.  The miles will be low to non-existent, depends on  a lot of factors.  We'll see what happens!

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