Monday, September 19, 2011


Saturday morning I got up early to help a friend with some stuff, leaving me drained and without enough energy to ride.  I met up with the wife and kid at the Folk Art Center for the Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle comp.  I might need to enter that next year....
Later on Saturday, I got to go help a broken friend, Kevin Hessler put his playset together.  

Sunday was the CYMBL race.  The course was  2miles long, and with longer mellower climbs and moderate decents,  the kid found a steady enough pace to wind up in 8th out of 12 kids in his age group.  The start was as chaotic as a world cup race with 25 kids 7-10 yrs old vying for the hole shot.  It was cool to watch,  a whole lot less cussing and yelling going on than at an adult race.  The kids were patient with each other, waiting their turn to get onto the single track and start rolling.  After the kid's race, I spun around with Nolan who was running sweep, in order to get a little time on the bike.

After the race, I went back over to Kevin's house to finish up the play set.  I worked while everybody stood around supervising....I'm going to have to figure out how to get a supervisor position. 

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