Monday, September 26, 2011


The weekend went by pretty quickly.  Saturday consisted of helping Asheville CX set-up, manage, and tear down some really fast and hot races. 

Sunday was the planned shakedown cruise of the Siren Rocketship 55 SL.  With knew cables and chain, I was ready to rock.  The cassette however was not ready to rock.  It seemed it was more into skipping.  I had met up with Dawn and told her to go ahead and leave me, because I was not going anywhere fast.  I did figure out that I could ride some of the steady gravel climbs without too much problem, so I still got some time in the saddle.

After the ride, I sat at Starbucks, sipping some coffee until Liberty Bikes opened and I splurged on a new cassette.

Monday will be shakedown cruise #2.

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