Friday, September 16, 2011


I rolled up to Liberty Bicycles for the Thursday night ride.  The skies had been cloudy all day, and there was a threat of rain, only 30% chance....

Only two other guys showed up,  Eric was eating potato chips so he bailed.  We rolled out, and at the turn off of the parkway one guy bailed.  About 10 minutes later, the other guy bailed and I was all alone.   Just me, the wind, the ominous clouds and lots of traffic.  I went  into time trial mode and focused on my form.  I have learned that it is futile to fight the bike and the conditions.  I also learned that when things get tough, if I focus on form,  I go a lot faster that when I focus on going fast.

So, I rode, alone, thinking, pondering, gritting my teeth, spinning.  It was a good ride.  Thankfully, on the parkway I caught up with Dawn, who pulled me the last couple of miles.  It went by too fast and we bid goodbye.

Since the ride starts at 5:30 now, I got home before dark, which was good.

Is the Thursday night ride dead?  I guess I'll find out next week!

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