Thursday, March 08, 2012


I got out for a quick ride around some of the flatter roads on the Swannanoa Valley. My legs were empty, and my heartrate was low. I figured that I could either turn around and go home or just spin. I'm sure I am hurting due to lack of riding which I will need to do something about. So, I just spun around the country side and enjoyed the views.

It was a cloudy day, with a bit of wind. It was warm enough for once to ride without a windvest and by the end of the ride, I had my arm warmers pulled down.

Today is Thursday, the last Thursday night Gravel Grinder is tonight:Leave Liberty Bikes at 5:45 or Rice Pinnacle at 6:30, wanna go, leave us a message on Facebook.

The time change is on Sunday...wahoo, which means that the Thursday Night Liberty Road Rides resume. I'm kind of burned out on going anaerobic for 2 hours so, I'm thinking I'll be falling off the back pretty frequently, I'm not worried about it.

Let's ride!

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