Friday, March 09, 2012


That's right, another flat. But wait, there's more......another flat. 2 flats. Grr.

The evening started fine enough. I put a little extra air in my tires just to be sure. The weather was warm but I expected it to cool down some. I met Kevin at Liberty and we rolled down the Parkway together. We tried to cut through the Arboretum again but seeing the patrol/security dude at the front gate, we knew it was hopeless. We asked anyway, and the answer was no. The front gate guy, was super friendly but sorry that he had to turn us around... thanks patrol/security guy.

We turned around and plodded up the 9-10% grade on the parkway. Before turning onto Hardtimes rd, we found a suitcase. Kevin groaned as I got a stick to open it, he warned me that there could be a head in there. There were some rags and an empty jar....

Rolling down the gravel I joked that since this was the last thursday night gravel grinder, we should take some time to reminisce, like on Survivor. I was joking but we ended up remembering Matt Dinsmore flatting, and then spotting the owl, Tom Devender flatting and walking out of the woods by himself. We thought about Thea and Sarah who started the ride, and we thank them for it. Then there was Christ Strout who showed up on his Salsa Spearfish and railed it, thanks for holding back Chris! It seems there was someone else, but he was usually way up ahead.... oh yeah, Eric White. If you ever ride with Eric, make sure you get him talking, he will slow down.

So, as we skittered along the gravel we remembered the good times, the cold times, the colder times, and the bone chilling times. Tonight was warm though and I almost ran over a toad. And then I got a flat.

Kevin commented on how quiet it was in the woods tonight. I guess all the creatures were hiding from the oncoming storm.

We cruised around the north end of the loop and onto Bent Creek Gap road again. The rear of the bike seemed a little soft and then phsssst. Flat, again. No! Yes, again.

And so, frustrated and tired of changing tubes, I called for back up. I chalked up a DNF on a thursday night ride. I wanted to take Kevin's spare tube and keep riding, but there is obviously something wrong with my tire/rim so I declined and sent him on his way. I called Rhonda for a ride, and she and the kid were excited to come get me. They are cool like that.

And then I was home, eating fish, brussel sprouts and mashed sweet potatoes... that helped me feel better.

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