Monday, March 12, 2012


On Saturday I met up with Kevin and a bunch of other dudes for the bakery ride. The name of the ride is a misnomer, because folks rarely stop and enjoy the awesome cookies from Zuma. I hope to change that trend.

The ride started out sort of mellow and friendly with lots of chit chat going on, and then we got to the first climb. I don't think the pace picked up, but it didn't really slow down, which meant that we were going uphill at a good clip. Most of the rest is a blur of trying to hold wheels and not explode. I felt pretty good and was able to keep the lead guys in sight. This was the first time this year that I had ridden in a group, so my body was not used to the quick speed changes.

I definitely need to work on my descending though, I think this will always be a weakness for me. While I kept the guys in sight on the climbs, this is where I got dropped.... hmm.

After a quick regroup in Marshall, some of the guys looked around and took off. I got off my bike, went in the bakery, filled my water bottle, bought a cookie and a coffee, then went outside to enjoy the sunshine. It was then that I decided that from now on, if it was sunny and warm, I would plan on slowing down and enjoying the ride back. Who wants to join me?

Sunday, I met up with a fine group of folks from the Fletcher Flyer Training program. We had a couple of guests, checking out the program, hopefully they will sign up. Elizabeth and Sandra are signed up and doing a stellar job of training and raising funds for the program.

The program is a fundraiser for Trips For Kids WNC. We provide a training plan, coaching by Sparks Coaching, organized- no drop group rides, and more. All a person has to do is sign up and commit to raising $250 by June 3rd, the day of the Fletcher Flyer. Liberty Bikes is offering discounts and hopefully others will offer something similar.

It is not too late to sign up. If 100 miles sounds like too much to you, there are some shorter options. Check out the info here: Fletcher Flyer Training Program

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