Monday, March 12, 2012

Fletcher Flyer: The First 22

We started at Fletcher Park and rode the first 22 miles of the Fletcher Flyer route. A small group of 7 started out, in stark contrast to the "small" group of more than 1000 friends we hope to see on June 3rd.

We rolled out, taking a right out of the park, crossing the tracks and then a right at the light on Hendersonville road. We immediately ride up a gentle grade before turning right on Cane Creek Road. Cane Creek Rd takes us past the legendary headset manufacturer. This company actually exports it's product to Asia. CC rd also takes us on the fast route into the country. We head down and turn right on Mills Gap Rd then left on Hoopers Creek Rd. Up until the point the terrain has been mellow rolling hills. Taking a right on Lindsay Loop will bring the first challenge for all skill levels, and will make sure that you are awake. The road winds around a scenic horse farm and provides the first big climb of the day.

Back down to Hoopers Creek, Souther, then onto Jackeon, the road levels out a little with some fast down hills, before almost completing the loop to Fletcher Park and mile 14.8.

We headed on out on the route with a goal of following the route to Rest Stop #2.

Down Brickyard Rd, crossing the tracks and then left on Hendersonville road. Following the cue sheet and the faded arrows from last year, we managed to only get off course 1 time. Hendersonville road is a great place to take in some calories and continue hydrating. After passing Smiley's Flea Market, we turned right on Butler Bridge Rd, and a left on N Rugby which eventually turns into S Rubgy before dead ending on Hwy 64 and Rest Stop #2, 22 miles from the start.

This section is comprised of some fast descents interspersed with some climbs of varying degree. If you are here and find yourself struggling, simply slow down and enjoy the scenery while your heart rate slows down and you can breathe normally again (that's what all those gears are for).

The first 22 miles is definitely more rolling hills that flats, after this section, there are still quite a few rolling hills, but there are also some flats to look forward to.

More details to come!!

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